Government of India U. T. of Lakshadweep ECI

S.No Name Sex Party Affiliation
01/10/HP/2014/RO Mohammed Faizal.P.P Male NCP
02/03/HP/2014/RO Sayed Mohammed Koya Male BJP
04/HP/2014/RO Saleem.P K Male NCP
05/06/07/08/HP/2014/RO Muhammed Hamdullah Sayed.A.B Male INC
11/HP/2014/RO Najmudheen.C.T Male CPI
09,12,13/HP/2014/RO Abdul Muneer Male CPI(M)
18/HP/2014/RO Koya Arifa Mirage Male Indepentence
19/HP/2014/RO Mohammed Muslim Khan Male CPI(M)
14,15/HP/2014/RO Sayyed Mohammed Khasim.K Male SP
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